How Synthetic Bone Grafting Yields Higher Revenue for Your Practice

02 Mar 2021

Bone graft surgery is essential for people for a few reasons. They may have multiple fractures that won’t heal properly or bone degeneration after injury or disease. They may need bone grafting to heal two bones over a damaged joint or for bone healing after medical device implantation. Certain bone repair options can be more preferable for patients and simultaneously increase the profits for your medical practice. Here is what you need to know on how synthetic bone grafting can yield higher revenue for your practice.

Why Patients May Choose Synthetic Bone Grafting

Synthetic bone grafts may be preferred by patients because of their higher success rate. It can be more expensive than material derived from human or animal cadaver. However, patients may be willing to spend more because there is less risk of contamination with a synthetic bone graft. Human and animal tissue can also be harder to obtain, resulting in patients waiting weeks or months to begin implant procedures.

This bone grafting technology can be used for surgeons across all medical fields. Because patients may be willing to pay more, this can increase the revenue for your practice no matter what field you’re in. Because of the higher implant success rates, you’ll also achieve greater customer satisfaction with your patients and boost your reputation in your local community to attract more business.

Choosing the Best Synthetics for Your Practice

There is a wide range of synthetic bone grafting materials available for you to choose from. It’s crucial to understand how to find the best options that are ideal for your practice. When looking for synthetics from bone graft manufacturers, make sure to keep costs and effectiveness in mind. This can help you increase the revenue for your practice by giving patients the ability to choose a safer and less invasive material for their implants.

Advances in synthetic bone grafting technology has led to better results for patients and surgeons when it comes to improving overall health and wellbeing. At SurGenTec, we offer innovative product solutions to better the quality of life for your patients. Contact us today to learn more about how our products can yield higher revenues for your medical practice.