Synthetic scaffold engineering features

OsteoFlo® NanoPutty® is the world’s first, and only quadphasic synthetic bone graft putty with nano-surface technology that allows for advanced bone healing. OsteoFlo® NanoPutty® has been designed to provide true nanobiology with an optimal resorption profile and superior handling characteristics. This novel synthetic bone graft putty is comprised of particles featuring four different biomaterials with nano-surface technology which are suspended in a unique combination of bioresorbable polymers. The quadphasic architecture helps allow for bone growth at different phases during the healing process to maximize bone growth potential, Nano-surface technology helps encourage osteocyte attachment. The smaller particles used in the OsteoFlo® formulation are smaller than most synthetic bone grafts on the market. This helps maintain flowable properties for use in minimally invasive surgery. OsteoFlo® requires no mixing, reconstituting or preparation prior to use. The putty doesn’t harden and can flow through tiny apertures and voids. The exceptional handling characteristics make it first-in-class. The putty packs and molds where desired, without washing away during irrigation. OsteoFlo® comes in two packaging configurations including a standard syringe or pre-filled minimally invasive cartridge that may be used in conjunction with SurGenTec’s patented GraftGun®. Use with GraftGun® delivery system will save time in the operating room and help prevent cross contamination associated with loading bone graft in reusable funnels.
  • Does not require any mixing, additives or other treatments prior to use.
  • Doesn’t wash away under irrigation.
  • Radiopaque under fluoroscopy.

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Resorption Matters