OsteoFlo® NanoPutty Key Features

Nano-Surface Technology

Stimulates cellular activity and osteointegration through quadphasic resorption.

Quadphasic Particle Resorption Profile

Each quadphasic particle is composed of HA, Bioactive Glass, b-TCP, and a-TCP for optimizing sustainable bone growth.

Increased Effectiveness

GLP studies have demonstrated increased effectiveness over market leading bioglass putty.

Highly Formable and Moldable

Flowable putty great for filling tight space/voids. No sticky residue and does not require mixing, additives, or prior treatment.

Excellent Handling Characterists

Flowable NanoPutty is ideal to fill tight spaces, resist migration and won’t washout during irrigation.


OsteoFlo is an osteoconductive synthetic bone graft indicated for use in orthopedic surgical sites to fill bony voids and gaps and to aid healing/ promote bone growth post-operation. The graft is composed of HA, a-TCP, B-TCP, and bioactive glass. It will be available in various graft quantities packaged in a syringe or a graft tube. The device will have a composition that is moldable/flowable to allow it to be packed into bone voids with no mixing required.

The syringe will be an open bore syringe that can be sealed off for packaging. The syringe will have graduation markings and be a clear material to allow the user to see the volume of bone graft in the syringe.

The graft tube will come prefilled with synthetic bone graft. 5cc graft tubes will be available in order to be functional with the GraftGun Cartridge Kit.

All components will be provided to the hospital sterilized and single use only.