ALARA® Key Features

Insulated depth stop for pre-determined depth

Allows for accurate pre-determined needle depth for ease of measuring with certainty.

Neuromonitoring capable

Aids in providing feedback on proximity to the peripheral nerve root.

Radiopaque distal ring

Stainless steel ring that helps indicate the depth of the needle within the pedicle through fluoroscopy.

Easy removal from pedicle

Easily removed from pedicle by using counter rotation force. Also can help prevent guidewire migration.

Award Winning Design

The ALARA® Neuro Access Needle Kit is used for targeting and assisting in cannulating a pedicle.

ALARA® has an insulated depth stop that allows surgeons to choose the exposed needle depth desired before advancing into the pedicle. The distal end of the depth stop contains a radiopaque marker that may be visualized on fluoroscopy. This can be used as a guide or visual aide to prevent over advancement of the depth stop into the pedicle.

Once the ALARA® needle is in the pedicle it can be electrically stimulated to determine proximity to the peripheral nerve root. By adding the neurostimulation capability, the surgeon can now be better equipped to determine a safe trajectory with the needle before advancing a tap or pedicle screw. This feature adds another level of safety in pedicle screw fixation and has the potential to decrease the risk of nerve injury for the patient.

SurGenTec® offers various configurations of the ALARA® needle that can be used with or without neurostimulation. A compatible neuromonitoring clip is also available upon request. Please contact customer service with any inquiries.