The ION procedure was developed to provide relief when conservative care and other procedures have failed. This is considered a step procedure before more aggressive options may be necessary to treat the condition. The ION procedure does not prevent undergoing further treatment if necessary.

Most traditional spinal stabilization products require large bulky metallic implants that may cause tissue irritation and pose the risk of nerve damage. At Surgentec® we are focused on providing the most safe, advanced, least invasive procedures to treat chronic pain. The ION procedure stabilizes the painful spinal regions causing the pain. The system is FDA-cleared, and patients usually go home the same day.

The ION™ procedure is minimally disruptive and aims to stabilize the facet joints. ION uses titanium implants with Nanotex® surface technology, designed to assist with the healing process. ION provides stabilization of the pathological level(s) of the posterior spinal column.

The ION procedure is minimally invasive and most often performed in an outpatient surgery center. It uses micro implants smaller than a dime to treat painful regions of the spine. It was designed with safety in mind and to help provide patients with a less invasive solution than traditional spine surgery. The implant works by supporting existing anatomy and leaves future treatment options open if needed.

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Nanotex® surface technology
developed with osteointegration in mind

Histology Review

Ovine spine study at three (3) months
revealed mature bone formation to
Nanotex® surface with no delamination

Blood Wicking

The hydrophilic surface
created by Nanotex®
technology takes advantage
of ionic bonds to attract and
hold blood, BMA, and other
fluids that may contain key
growth factors necessary
for osseointegration