Benefits of Offering Synthetic Bone Grafting Services

03 Jun 2022

In a few instances, including tooth extraction and implant insertion, bone grafting is required. Grafting guarantees that the jaw structures are sufficiently robust and sturdy to promote the success of further treatments. A 16-year study of two million patients who received bone grafts revealed that 83% of bone grafts include autogenous bone grafts collected from the patient and 17% involve artificial bone graft alternatives. Synthetic bone grafting is a dependable alternative to using one’s own bone and is beneficial for your practice. Here’s how.

1. Patients Favor Synthetic Alternatives

Due to the potential of contamination, many patients view animal and cadaver tissue with skepticism. While synthetic goods may be more expensive, most patients are willing to pay a slight premium for a product free of human or animal constituents. Another significant advantage of using synthetics in bone grafting is that they are easily available. Human and animal tissue can be difficult to obtain, which extends and complicates surgical operations. Synthetic solutions are accessible whenever required, allowing patients to begin implant operations necessary for their oral health without having to wait weeks or months for healthy tissue to grow.

2. Increased Income Due to Higher Costs

Synthetic bone grafting is more expensive than animal or human-derived alternatives to ensure a consistent and pure result. Most patients will pick synthetic bone grafting materials over other types. This implies that most of your patients will be willing to pay a slight premium for synthetics to replace human or animal material. As a surgeon, you may appreciate the rise in revenue per patient while employing a material with proven success rates and patient satisfaction.

3. Synthetic Grafting Material Are Safe

Traditional grafts are effective because they utilize the recipient’s own tissue. However, synthetic has a comparable success rate and even reduces the hazards associated with grafts. Synthetic materials have no possibility of disease transmission. These grafts are manufactured under sterile circumstances and meticulously sealed to avoid the transmission of pathogens.

On top of being biocompatible, the synthetic grafting material is composed of proteins that occur naturally in human bodies. This ensures they have the best possible chance of fusing and growing new bone. With a synthetic graft, you may experience restored strength and structure regardless of the condition that necessitated the treatment.

Having the proper bone grafting materials for your clinic not only enhances the efficacy of your surgical procedures but also increases your revenue and reduces your expenses. Additionally, your patients will be happier and more content because their implant was successful without using animal or human alternatives. Now that you know the benefits of synthetic bone grafting, start using them in your practice today.