Why Choose a Synthetic Bone Graft?

10 Aug 2021

If you’re considering investing in synthetic bone graft equipment, you may be interested in how useful this technology can be in comparison to traditional bone grafts. Below you can find a few of the reasons why synthetic bone grafts can be more beneficial than traditional bone grafts.

What is a Synthetic Bone Graft?

A synthetic bone graft is a bone graft created in a lab that can be used in place of a traditional bone graft when bone repair is necessary. Synthetic bone grafts are created using naturally occurring proteins in our bodies, so they’re compatible with a patients’ body the way that a traditional bone graft can be.

Lower Risk of Disease Transfer

When it comes to a traditional bone graft, you often have to worry about disease transfer from the grafted bone. Harmful pathogens can be transported with the bone, which can lead to issues like infections at the transfer site. With a synthetic bone graft, the graft is created in a sterile environment where it is never exposed to these potential pathogens, so there’s virtually no chance of disease transfer occurring.

No Need to Source the Graft From the Patient

With traditional bone grafting, two procedures are required. Instead of one procedure to get the bone graft and another to apply it, only the procedure to apply the synthetic bone graft is necessary. This can be better for patients’ recovery time and is more convenient for the patient as they will not have to deal with separate procedures or the healing time related to them.

Can Be Used in Every Circumstance When You Would Use a Bone Graft

Since synthetic bone grafts are a replacement for a traditional bone graft, they can be used in any circumstance when a traditional bone graft would be used. From dental applications to knee or hip replacements, a synthetic bone graft can be used. If a doctor is worried about how a fractured bone is healing, for example if it isn’t taking the typical two to 10 weeks, a synthetic bone graft can be used. The patient won’t have to worry about an extra procedure and instead can be on their way to being fully healed faster.

A synthetic bone graft is a great way to get the benefits of a traditional bone graft without the extra procedure or possibility of disease transfer. To learn more about how SurGenTec can help provide you with synthetic bone graft technology and equipment, get in contact with our team today.