Selecting a Bone Graft Delivery Device

29 Mar 2021

According to statistics, the United States is the world’s biggest medical device market. It is valued at approximately $140 billion. Bone graft surgery is indeed an intricate procedure but also far more common. There is a multitude of factors that need to be taken into consideration when deciding upon the correct bone graft delivery device for you. These factors coincide with our modern technologies used as well as the patient’s status in relation to the bone injury they have succumbed to. Let’s examine some of the factors that go into selecting the correct bone graft delivery system.

The Selection of Bone Graft Material

Generally, bone grafting technology, bone repair, and bone graft surgeries involve the bone graft delivery device to be coupled with a particular graft delivery system manufacturer. The devices utilized in bone graft surgeries can be autograft, allograft, or even synthetic devices. Additionally, the effectiveness of the bone graft device will be dependent on the viable bone matrix theory.

During the bone graft surgery, the bone graft surgeon has to ensure that the patient has a viable bone matrix for synthetic bone grafting to even take place. The bone graft delivery device has to be stable and suitable for both the patient and the surgeon.

Technology Coupled With the Bone Graft Delivery Device

Within bone grafting, the viable bone matrix is just one vital component. Many medical professionals will state that a viable bone graft delivery system is yet another important component. Some of the most commonly utilized bone graft delivery tools used include the syringe, the cannula, and the bone funnel. The syringe bone graft delivery device and the bone funnel are quite popular in medicine. There is, however, a small percentage of individuals who are not versed in how a cannula works. The cannula is used to direct material to a particular area and is thin in shape.

Many may recommend that more than one bone graft delivery device is used. As the field of bone grafting technology continues to evolve, newer methods are designed to address concerns and issues related to the viable bone matrix. For example, a new bone graft delivery system is being developed that addresses both pre-filled as well as universal options for bone graft surgeries.

Newer devices are also being produced that offer tubes that are filled with cortical fibers alongside viable bone matrix. These tools are seen to be ones that will go farther in the improvement of bone graft surgeries.

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