How Bone Graft Delivery Helps Patients Recover from Injuries and Broken Bones

07 Jun 2021

While bone fractures typically heal between two and 10 weeks, there’s never a convenient time to break a bone. Whether it be a misstep while climbing a flight of stairs or playing basketball with friends and falling on a leg, broken bones are never ideal.

Human bones endure a tremendous amount of tension and stress. Given the active lifestyles that many of us live, there is a chance that one of those bones can become broken. Thanks to bone graft companies offering breakthrough treatments to remedy broken bones, bones are healing faster than ever.

Sometimes having surgery to repair a broken bone may not be enough. Successful treatment may include the use of a universal graft gun as well as a state-of-the-art bone graft delivery system. Let’s delve into the particulars of how bone graft delivery is helping so many live their best lives after succumbing to a broken bone.

Bone Graft Surgeries

Should bone grafts be needed for bone fractures, bone repairs, or replacements, the surgery is oftentimes a procedure that can aid in a person’s mobility. Not only is a universal graft gun utilized, but the surgeons may use additional medical devices that give patients an opportunity to live life to the fullest. Bone grafting and the utilization of tools such as a universal grafting gun help repair bones that are damaged due to trauma or problematic joints. Bone grafting technology continues to evolve as one of the most ground-breaking procedures that offer a stable framework for the growth of brand-new and living bone.

Bone Graft Devices

With thousands of surgeons who are working in the country today, many of them take the time to determine the best tools and devices needed for a quality bone graft delivery system. They carefully take the time to assess a patient’s needs before performing any bone grafting. Generally, bone grafting is quite helpful should there be a need for joint repair or bone repair. Some of the tools and devices that a surgeon may use for bone grafting include a universal graft gun, bone funnels, projection fibers, viable bone matrix, and more depending upon the patient’s needs.

Reasons Why a Bone Graft May Be Needed

There are many reasons that patients may need to receive bone grafts. Some of the most leading reasons that a bone graft procedure may be needed include multiple fractures that fail to heal properly, bone fusions that help two bones heal across a joint that is damaged, and bone regeneration after an injury or disease.

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