– Ergonomic Handle
– Cannulated Rasp
– Disposable Rasp Teeth

3D GraftRasp Key Features

Cannulated Rasp Allows For Bony Decortication

Cannulated rasp allows for bony decortication and simultaneous bone graft delivery to a desired location.

Curved Pusher

Curved pusher expelling excess graft debris from cannula.

Pyramidal Teeth

Designed strategically and placed to maximize rasping without clogging, effective in open or minimally invasive procedures.

Straight or Curved Design

Straight graft aperture is located at bottom of rasp foot plate, so graft is delivered in line with the cannula of the rasp; curved graft aperture is at the distal tip facing forward to expel graft in a horizontal plane.

3D GraftRasp