Why Synthetic Bone Grafting May Be a Viable Option for Your Healthcare Practice

03 Feb 2021

A synthetic bone graft is artificially produced and extends the supply of available autograft bone, or bone that has harvested from a patient’s own body. Additionally, there may be tissues available as well as extender biomaterials. Both have properties that are dependent on how they are processed and their origin. Let’s delve further into why a synthetic bone graft may be a viable option for your healthcare practice.

What Is The Process of Developing Synthetic Bone Graft?

Synthetics work through a procedure and process that is called osteoconduction. Picture a vine and how it grows around a fence. Synthetic bone graft works in a parallel fashion. It is like a fence that lends support to the cells that are forming bone, as they grow new bone over time. Your Boca Raton, FL medical device company offers the most ground-breaking bone grafting technology as well as devices for graft delivery. Once you choose synthetic bone graft, you can be assured of a complete bone graft delivery system, enabling you a successful treatment.

Why Bone Grafts?

Certain conditions that may require a bone graft include:

    • Dental implant surgery
    • A previous fracture that was not treated with a graft and did not heal properly
    • A fracture that your health care provider believes will not heal on its own
    • Devices that are implanted surgically that will help promote bone growth around its structure
    • Certain diseases of the bone such as cancer or osteonecrosis


Of course, there are other instances in which bone grafting may be necessary. While bone fractures typically heal in two to 10 weeks, bone grafting can be instrumental in speeding up that healing. Nevertheless, bone grafting helps to provide a structure for the growth of brand-new and living bone.

Synthetic Bone Grafting Is Safe

Thanks to breakthroughs and strides made in bone grafting technology, synthetic bone graft procedures are completely safe and quite successful. Synthetic grafting components and materials are crafted of man-made materials. Those materials can be successfully coupled with numerous bone growth factors. Synthetic grafting materials are also very safe to use and yield a high success rate. Many health care providers utilize synthetics in various surgical procedures that range from dental to medical care. Therefore, a synthetic bone graft can be quite beneficial for surgeons in all fields.

Synthetics in Bone Grafting Are Readily Available

Another additional benefit to the utilization of synthetic bone graft or synthetics in bone grafting is that it is far more readily available. While human tissue can be challenging to obtain, it can also make surgical procedures far more problematic and lengthier. Synthetic bone grafting, as well as synthetic options, can be utilized whenever they are needed. This allows for patients to heal and resume activities quicker.

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