Patented Bone Graft Delivery Devices

As the medical field advances, health companies should continue to put patients at the center of all invention, research, and distribution. Without this commitment to creating better patient care and medical solutions, the industry will not fulfil its true potential.

Here at SurGenTec, we want to provide the tools necessary for advancement in the spine and orthopedic field. As a medical device company based in Boca Raton, FL, our goal is to improve the quality of life and care for patients. With the help of industry experts and surgeons, we develop advanced technology for today’s medical professionals. Our team is committed to creating cost-effective and safe solutions for various medical procedures.

To that end, we’re excited to introduce the Graftgun. Our new, patented graft delivery system (GDS) provides surgeons with a simple, safe, and ergonomic solution to deliver bone graft materials to difficult to reach places. We believe the Graftgun is on the cutting edge of bone graft delivery services, and it can help surgeons quickly deliver synthetic, allograft, or autograft material.


When it comes to safely delivering a bone graft, both surgeons and patients deserve the latest technology. This is where our original bone graft delivery system comes in. With our GDS, surgeons can perform a bone graft procedure quickly and accurately.

Spine and orthopedic surgeons know that precision counts, and our products reflect this importance. Our medical device takes away the issues associated with traditional bone graft funnels. Our bone graft delivery device uses the ideal amount of pressure to safely apply a graft. The GDS offers several cutting edge features:

  • Ergonomic body for tight control and accurate placement
  • Tube markings every .25cc
  • Radiopaque ring at the end of the tool
  • 5cc to 7.5 cc tube to reach even the most difficult areas
  • Controlled release trigger (.25cc per square inch)

SurGenTec knows that patient wellness is a top priority. This is why we are committed to FDA, legal, and industry compliance. We are also dedicated to exemplary customer service to clients both in the U.S. and internationally.

Bone Graft Delivery Device

One name is the most authoritative in bone graft delivery: The Graftgun®. SurGenTec’s reliable technology has been used in more than 2,500 cases across the world, proving it’s one of the most reliable pieces of invasive bone graft delivery equipment. The Graftgun® has assisted in such procedures as lumbar fusions, hip revisions, vascular necrosis of the hip and Charcot joint foot/ankle surgery, etc. SurGenTec’s system allows Surgeons to load their choice graft, while the cartridge kit allows for quick attachment of a prefilled biologic cartridge. Spine and Orthopedic experts have developed this innovative bone graft delivery device for the benefit of patients across the world.

For more information about our bone graft delivery device, please take the time to contact us. Write us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are looking forward to working with you.

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