02 Jan 2019

The SurGenTec GraftGun delivers accurate measurements for your bone and orthopedic industry needs. But how does the GraftGun help you in the OR?

Here’s why you should always choose the GraftGun complete with the Aziyo bone funnel when you enter the operating room.


Thanks to the GraftGun’s tube markings at every .25cc, you never need to worry about administering the wrong dose of ViBone in the operating room. On top of that, the bone funnel relies on a radiopaque ring at the end of the cartridge to ensure the doctor or surgeon is able to clearly visualize the graft deliver under fluoroscopy. When it comes to filling a disc space or cage, the GraftGun will help you safely administer the right amount of allograft at the necessary spot. You don’t need to worry about contamination or improper dispensing during your bone graft surgery thanks to the accuracy proffered by the GraftGun.


The GraftGun relies on a controlled release method to help safely deliver the viable bone matrix to the exact spot where the patient needs it. This helps aid bone repair at a quicker rate for patient comfort and efficiency and the flexible tube ensures even hard-to-navigate spots during bone graft surgery are attainable.

Thanks to SurGenTec’s partnership with Aziyo, the ViBone matrix even comes in prefilled MIS cartridges to improve both accuracy and efficiency when doctors and surgeons need it most. The matrix thaws in under two minutes and is then attached to the GraftGun for efficient, effective treatment regardless of where the patient needs the matrix administered.


Thanks to the advancements posited by the GraftGun, you never need to worry about the difficulties associated with traditional funnels. The GraftGun even utilizes an ergonomic handle that’s designed to fit the shape of your hand for increased control and precision. This is essential when tensions are running high in the operating room. Thanks to the ease of use and quality of the graft delivery system, you can rest easy knowing that OR risks are reduced with this innovative graft delivery device.

When you want to improve the accuracy and efficiency of your operating room, rely on the universal GraftGun for all your orthopedic, dental, and bone graft surgery needs. A recent 16-year study showed that among two million patients, bone graft substitutes are on the rise. Get ahead of the curve by relying on SurGenTec’s GraftGun and viable bone matrix when you want to improve your OR.