26 Jul 2018

bone funnelIf you have recently experienced an injury, it’s likely that you will need a bone graft in order to heal properly. You’ve heard of doctors talk about cortical fibers, but you don’t really know what it is, or what you’ll be getting yourself into. Here is some information regarding cortical fibers as a type of bone grafting option.

What are they?

Cortical fibers are essentially a type of ultrafine bone fibers used by the orthopedic and spine industries that are set into your bone as a replacement for missing bones. This is a manufactured product designed to stimulate bone growth and serve as a replacement bone when your body lacks structure from bone loss or injury. They have a moldable, dough-like texture and consistency to enable it a better fit for your body. They are usually white or clear-coloured.

They work along similar lines to projection fibers; these fibers will connect your cortex to the lower parts of your brain and spinal cord. After your body registers these fibers, they are then organized into association fibers and commissural fibers.

How do they work?

Once a cortical fiber is moistened, they can expand by nearly 25% in order to fill the space between the graft and the host bone. The graft delivery system will usually consist of a bone funnel that directly implants the bone graft where it is needed in your body. When the cortical fibers, or the projection fibers, adhere to the original bone, the bone funnel is removed and the graft delivery is complete. The cortical fibers can also be implanted with a medical syringe, but the graft tunnel, developed by SurGenTec, offers the leading innovation in graft gun technology.

The graft fun by SurGenTec is the best way to deliver, safe, clean, medical-grade cortical fibers to patients in need. The medical service sector in the United States employs over 356,000 workers in nearly 6,000 companies.

Who uses them?

The medical industry will use bone graft delivery systems to adhere cortical fibers to your bone in order for it to heal. This medical procedure is implemented through the use of a bone funnel that can be used on someone of any age that may have experienced an injury. For the elderly or athletes, this service also fills the gaps within worn down bones and joints from repeated use.

A good bone graft will ensure that you, your spouse, or your child has the chance to live a healthy, normal life again while they heal. Call SurGenTec today with more questions about a bone graft delivery service if you have recently suffered an injury.