The GraftGun®: The Right Choice For Bone Graft Surgery

29 Apr 2019

bone graft surgeryOf the 38,600 surgeons working the United States today (according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), there is an estimated 25,500 that are orthopedic surgeons (according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery). That is 66% of the total number of surgeons practicing in the United States. With such a figure in mind, it follows that there would be many products on the market for orthopedic surgeons. For a procedure as common as bone graft surgery, for example, finding the right devices for graft delivery can be challenging.

The GraftGun®, an innovative Graft Delivery System® by SurGenTec, is a viable bone graft delivery system well-suited to the needs of the orthopedic surgeon. This universal graft gun is designed for accuracy and precision, utilizing a patented technology that provides an adequate amount of pressure needed to fill any void during a bone graft delivery. Its tactile feel allows the surgeon to be able to determine when the bone void has been filled with orthobiologic, preventing the bone graft surgery from resulting in nonunion.

The GraftGun’s® loading system allows the surgeon to choose the type of orthobiologic best suited to the operation, whether it is Allograft, Autograft or Synthetic. In addition, the GraftGun® delivers .25cc of viable bone matrix and cortical fibers per squeeze, guaranteeing an accurate injection. The GraftGun® comes equipped with 5cc and 7.5cc tubes, allowing the surgeon flexibility and the ability to deliver orthobiologic to even the most hard-to-reach places. There is also a radiopaque ring included that allows for a clear visual when under fluoroscopy. In addition, the GraftGun® is equipped to post-fill interbody cages, especially those that are expandable and therefore difficult to fill prior to insertion.

The GraftGun® is single-use, saving the surgeon the costs of sterilization, and it is single-handed, allowing ease of operation during the bone graft surgery. It is less invasive than other bone graft delivery systems, allowing for greater accuracy, safety, and efficiency.

The GraftGun® is the ideal universal bone graft delivery system for the modern orthopedic surgeon. The precision, accuracy, and flexibility that the GraftGun® provides makes it unlike any bone graft delivery system on the market.