About Our Technologies

SurGenTec is a privately owned medical device company based out of Boca Raton, FL that strives to bring the next level of technology to the spine and orthopedic industry. SurGenTec develops and manufactures innovative products with patient and surgeon safety at the heart of everything we do.

Our product development team is dedicated to creating intuitive solutions to improve the quality of life for patients. By collaborating with experienced surgeons, leading experts and global distributors we are able to continuously improve the design and engineering of our product portfolio. Our patented technologies deliver safe, cost effective and unique solutions which benefit healthcare providers as well as their patients.

Pursuant to 35 U.S.C. § 287(a), SurGenTec’s products are covered by or for use under one or more of the U.S. Patents listed below. This list was last revised on January 1, 2020. Other patents issuing after the date of the last revision may also cover the products listed below but may not be included until this list is next revised.

Product Covered by or for use under one or more of the following U.S. Patents.
GraftGun® Graft Delivery Systems (GDS®) GraftGun®/3D GraftRasp
  • 8,932,295
  • 8,945,137
  • 9,456,830
  • 9,655,748
  • 9,668,881
  • 10,123,849
  • 10,238,507
  • 10,292,747
  • 10,405,905
  • 10,543,105
  • 10,687,828
  • 11,116,647
  • 11,116,646
Alara™ Access Needle
  • 9,968,373
  • 10,335,194
  • 10,660,668
  • 9,681,889
Accudepth Guidewire
  • D861,156
  • 10,842,448

Multiple Patents Pending  

SurGenTec is a medical device company committed to providing the highest level of customer care while maintaining compliance with all applicable laws, FDA regulations, and industry standards. Our products are available for use in the United States or internationally.

Products available for use
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