5 Reasons to Have an Effective Graft Delivery System

15 Jul 2019

There are several reasons why an individual would require a bone graft. Here’s a look at a few of them, and an examination of how important it is to have an efficient graft delivery system.graft delivery system

  1. Bone Defects: The treatment of many situations can be helped with bone grafts. A common approach for bone grafting is to help with a bone defect where there has been a significant loss of blood — called osteonecrosis.
  2. Trauma: When the body has experienced a trauma such as a fracture, this can lead to bone loss. In a situation such as this, structural stability can be restored with a bone graft since it may fill in the area that has experienced bone loss. It is critical to make sure that fractured bones heal properly.
  3. Spinal Fusion: When a patient needs a spinal fusion or a fusion in another area of the body, a bone graft can be very helpful in the course of treatment. The bone graft can assist in bone repair and bone grafting technology can even assist with procedures on the cerebral cortex.
  4. Infections: When a patient experiences a severe infection, it can lead to all kinds of problems, including damage to the bone structure. In this case, the medical team may recommend a bone graft procedure. The surgeon can replace the infected area with natural or synthetic materials. For 2 million patients, artificial bone graft substitutes made up 17% of procedures over a 16-year study, while 83% of the procedures utilized natural bone grafting from the patient.
  5. Cysts and Benign Tumors: Bone loss can occur as a result of a disease. In this instance, a bone graft procedure would be scheduled for the regeneration of the bone. Cysts and benign tumors can cause significant loss of bone matter. Bone grafting is one way of helping to fuse bones and having them heal together across a diseased joint.

As we can see, there are many reasons to opt for bone graft services; but one of the most essential elements of the procedure is having an efficient graft delivery system.

Without an official graft delivery system, the procedure cannot be completed, or in some cases, it may not even be able to get underway. If you want to learn more, give SurGenTec a call right away.