Why Is Your Bone Graft Delivery System So Important for Your Medical Facility?

12 Jun 2020

There’s simply no denying the fact that bone graft delivery procedures are both challenging and complex. With so many different factors at play and a vast amount of unpredictable variables, it helps to have every little thing working for you and not against you. That’s why it’s so important to spend some time investing in the right bone graft delivery system. But just why is your bone graft delivery system such an important part of your medical facility as a whole?

The Right Bone Graft Delivery System Makes Staff and Surgeons Happier

Making sure that your staff members have the right tools is absolutely crucial when you’re performing complex procedures such as bone grafts. There are lots of small details that if not addressed properly can quickly lead to staff burnout and frustration. Of course, as you probably know, these negative factors are things you want to avoid in each and every one of your staff members. This starts with equipping them with the right equipment that they need to use their skills and do their jobs to the fullest. With old and outdated equipment the likelihood of errors increases. These kinds of errors, even if unavoidable, often lead to frustrated staff who are then even more likely to commit errors in their work. Avoiding all these problems starts with investing in a bone graft delivery system that empowers and enables your staff rather than handicapping their efforts.

The Right Bone Graft Delivery System Leads to More Satisfied Patients

Were you aware of the fact that q 16-year study of 2 million bone graft patients found that there is a trend from traditional bone graft to bone graft substitutes in the United States? With so many patients opting for bone graft procedures, it’s reasonable to assume that the number of patients entering your facility with these needs will only increase. You want to be prepared when they arrive. After all, the last thing you want is a horde of patients who need a bone graft procedure, while lacking the proper equipment that’s required to offer consistent and reliable work. When it comes to a delicate procedure such as those involved with bone grafting, it’s important to take patient comfort and satisfaction into account at each and every step along the way. After all, patient satisfaction is one of the single most influential factors that build up your facility’s stature and reputation in the community.

Without satisfied patients, you risk damaging your reputation in ways that are often irreversible, unfortunately. The good news is that by investing in the best equipment possible you can give patients the best experience possible. The benefits of doing so are vast. First and foremost, you don’t have to worry about an equipment malfunction or failure in the midst of difficult and trying procedures such as bone graft procedures. But as a result, you can also rest assured that each and every patient who walks out of your doors will have only good things to say about their experience.

At SurGenTec we are proud to offer a wide range of bone graft delivery technology. Whether you’re in need of a universal graft gun, a bone funnel, or any other kind of bone graft delivery system, our products offer the quality, durability, and reliability that you need to succeed in each and every one of your procedures.

A Couple Things to Be Aware of When You’re Looking for a Bone Graft Delivery System

08 Jun 2020

When you’re searching for bone graft companies, you may find yourself getting easily confused or overwhelmed. With so many different options available on today’s market, it’s no surprise that so many healthcare facilities simply give up on searching for the perfect bone graft delivery system. Even so, there are a few key factors that you should always keep an eye out for as you examine different bone graft companies. Here are just a few.

bone graft companies

Consider Your Staff’s Experience

No one knows bone graft technology better than the people who make use of it day in and day out. When it comes time to select from different bone graft companies, always make sure you’re getting the insights and opinions of your staff members and surgeons who work with the technology directly. Sure, different bone graft companies may be able to explain their products and offerings in ways that make them seem absolutely flawless, but only someone who has experience working with the technology hands-on can know what kinds of details are being left out. Your staff members likely have some highly valuable insights to assist you as you select a supplier for your next bone graft delivery system. Let their voices be heard and you will have a much easier time making an informed decision.

Consider Various Bone Graft Companies and Verify the Supplier’s Credibility in the Industry

Of course, even with staff input on your side, you should still consider weighing your options before jumping in on buying from the first bone graft company you happen to come across. There are so many options out there today, so it’s wise to compare and contrast before you commit to any one company.

In any case, when looking at bone graft companies, you should always verify their reputation in the industry. Just because a company is new to the market, doesn’t mean they are not without credibility. The same goes for established companies. Make sure you’re talking to co-workers and others who work in a similar or adjacent field. Read up on reviews from specialists and technicians who work directly with a company’s piece of technology. There are many different reasons a person may need a bone graft. The four most common reasons people receive bone grafts: multiple fractures that don’t heal properly; fusion to help two bones heal across a damaged joint; bone regeneration following disease or injury; and for healing bones following the implantation of medical devices such as joint replacements. In the same way, there are many different factors to consider when you’re trying to determine the overall quality of bone graft companies.

At SurGenTecm, we are happy to offer a wide range of bone graft delivery systems. Whether you and your organization are in need of the latest bone grafting technology, a universal graft gun, or anything else, do not hesitate to reach out and get in touch with a member of our team today. With years of experience in the industry and a staff full of knowledgeable professionals, we are eager to address any questions you may have while also providing expertise and guidance as you search for bone graft companies to help you enhance your offerings. Contact us today for more information or to get started on placing your first order with us!