What You Need To Know About Bone Graft Recovery



Bone grafts are a common way to aid your bones' recovery from a traumatic injury. Whether it's a fracture, break, or gap in the bone, bone graft surgery can help speed recovery and resolve any prior defects in the bone.

Recovery time from an autograft or allograft procedure varies depending on the injury and the health of the person. However, there are some commonalities between patients. Here's what to expect following a bone repair through the use of a bone graft delivery system.

The size of the bone graft affects recovery

If you need a larger bone graft surgery, you're likely going to take longer to recover. Because of this, there's a wide recovery period for any individual who receives the procedure. A small allograft procedure may lead your body to recover in as little as two weeks while larger procedures can take months.

Keep in mind that your body will heal faster than the bone graft. An allograft usually takes a minimum of three months to adhere to your bone.

Hold off on the intense exercise

You shouldn't engage in intense physical activity until your body fully heals. It's recommended that a patient who received a graft delivery not exercise vigorously for up to six months, though this number can vary depending on the degree of surgery and your doctor recommendation.

However, you should still engage in small exercise to maintain your health. Work on the muscle groups that weren't involved in the allograft surgery and maintain a healthy diet.

Stop smoking

Unfortunately, smoking can slow bone growth which can create problems for your allograft. Even if your doctor uses a great bone graft delivery device, smokers have a higher chance of allograft failure.

Worst case scenarios

Like all surgeries, there are common risks associated with the procedure. Swelling and pain are common side effects, but more serious results can lead to inflammation, infection, and rejection of the bone graft. Work with your doctor should you notice any of these symptoms occur.

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