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Surgentec brings a new advancement to the bone graft delivery arena with the Graftgun®

Our Graft Delivery System (GDS®) is designed to allow for universal, quick, and accurate bone graft delivery to a surgical site without the problems of a traditional funnel. Its patented, controlled release method is designed to safely dispense bone graft with enough pressure to easily fill any bone void during bone graft surgery. The Graftgun GDS includes SurGenTec’s loading device technology which provides surgeons the freedom to choose the bone graft that best suits their needs.

Our medical device technology can help offer the best possible results for bone graft surgery. By using our patented GraftGun, instead of the traditional funnel, bone grafting can become less invasive and more accurate. Our Bone Graft Delivery Devices are developed with surgeon and patient in mind. For more information on our bone grafting technology, contact SurGenTec today.

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