Why Choose A GraftGun To Deliver Your Allograft?


The SurGenTec GraftGun delivers accurate measurements for your bone and orthopedic industry needs. But how does the GraftGun help you in the OR?

GraftGun By SurGenTec Successfully Completes Clinical Launch


SurGenTec and partner Aziyo Biologics have officially completed the initial clinical launch of their intuitive GraftGun technology with resounding success. This technology utilizes their prefilled ViBone Viable Bone Matrix in order to accurately and effectively deliver this bone graft at various points throughout the body. This is the first time the GraftGun has been used in a clinical setting.

5 Ways To Promote Efficiency In Your Medical Practice


There are countless ways to boost productivity in the office, but just because productivity has improved doesn't mean your practice is more efficient.

Bone Grafting In Dogs: How Common Is It?


Bone grafting in dogs and cats is not very common, but they can be used effectively. Allograft projections can be used in bone repair and many oral surgeries. Here are some of the benefits and practices that are commonly used when bone grafts are administered to dogs.

How To Make Your Medical Practice Stand Out From The Crowd


Running a medical practice is hard work and nearly every sector could benefit from new ideas now and then. You already have the best staff and credentials, but a little help can go a long way.

What You Need To Know About Bone Graft Recovery


Bone grafts are a common way to aid your bones' recovery from a traumatic injury. Whether it's a fracture, break, or gap in the bone, bone graft surgery can help speed recovery and resolve any prior defects in the bone.

Why You Need Physical Therapy Following A Bone Fracture


Though you know broken bones may require a physical therapy, visiting a physical therapist may seem a little overboard when you experience a fracture. However, fractures can cause just as much, if not more, damage than a break.

Keeping Patients Informed: A Quick Guide to Bone Graft Material Options


Thanks to many developments in bone-grafting technologies, doctors, dentists, and surgeons have a variety of options for filling bone voids. A long-term study of 2 million bone graft patients found a trend away from traditional bone graft to bone graft substitutes in the United States. Clearly, different substances are appropriate for different patients on a case-by-case basis, and the graft delivery device will play an integral role in the substance selection process. Here is a brief guide to different material options beyond traditional autograft that customers and patients may be curious about in today’s ever-growing bone grafting market.

What Is An Alveolar Bone Graft?


While many know the benefits of utilizing a bone graft delivery system for joints and fractures, you may not know bone grafts are also utilized in dentistry. This is seen most commonly in children who are born with cleft lips and cleft palates; for many, damage to the alveolar bone, the front of the roof of the mouth, is common. It usually results in a hole between the mouth to the nose.

What Is ViBone And How Does It Help Me?


SurGenTec uses the best in medical technology to help heal your bone fractures and injuries via GraftGun, a bone graft delivery device. To help you heal more quickly, we use ViBone, an allograft developed by Aziyo.

Autograft VS Allograft: Understanding the Difference


If you've recently fractured or broken a bone, you might be in the market to receive graft delivery in order to heal your injury. There are two types of human grafts that can be delivered through a bone graft delivery system: an allograft and an autograft. Here are the differences between the two types of grafts.

What Are Cortical Fibers And How Do They Help Me?


If you have recently experienced an injury, it's likely that you will need a bone graft in order to heal properly. You've heard of doctors talk about cortical fibers, but you don't really know what it is, or what you'll be getting yourself into. Here is some information regarding cortical fibers as a type of bone grafting option.

What to Do Following a Bone Fracture


Bone fractures can happen at any age because people can fall at any age: children will fracture their foot if they fall while playing and an elderly person might fracture something if they slip down the stairs. Bone fractures affect us all, but people often don't know what to expect following a bone fracture. Here is what you can expect and perform following a fracture.

Bone Grafts: What Are They and How Do They Work?


If your upcoming medical procedure requires a bone graft, you might not know what to expect. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding a bone graft procedure.